Top 3 Plumbing Problems To Watch Out For This Summer

Plumbing Problems

Top 3 Plumbing Problems To Watch Out For This Summer

When we think about summers, we probably think of backyard barbecues, beach fun & family vacations. The last thing that comes to mind is problems that might arise with our home’s plumbing systems.

Your plumbing is worth giving some attention to now to avoid winding up with a serious problem later. The warmer days of the year can be the prime time for various plumbing problems. It pays to be aware of exactly what these problems are so you know what to do if you wind up experiencing one of them in your home.

So, what can you do to ensure that your property is protected from serious plumbing problems this summer & what are these issues exactly? 

To answer both of those questions, Proficient Plumbing’s team of experienced Texas plumbing professionals has taken the time to put together this short list detailing exactly what some of the common issues are & what you can do to keep your home prevent them your home.

Clogged Disposals

If you are one of the many homeowners who enjoy breaking out the grill & hosting enjoyable summer cookouts for family & friends, you need to be careful about disposing of your food waste & cooking by-products. 

It is never a good idea to put hard fruits or vegetables in your in-sink garbage disposal. These can damage the blades and can lead to clogs. Cooking oils & grease are also harmful to your disposal unit, so it is best to dispose of them elsewhere after cooking. 

Whenever you put anything down the disposal unit, you should run cold water before & after to help evacuate any remaining bits of debris or food.

Sewer Line Backups

During the summer, increased rainfall is common, particularly as the air begins to heat up during the afternoons. When your area encounters excessive rainfall, this extra water sometimes finds its way directly into sewer pipes through cracks. It might cause your sewer line to back up into your house. 

Another issue homeowners experience is invasive tree roots. The summer months are the growing season for many different types of trees & plant life & sometimes the roots of these trees can spread underground to crack & invade your plumbing pipes and affect your sewers. 

If you notice any hint of sewer lines backing up in your house, like water backing up into your toilet or in your bathtub drains, you must call Proficient Plumbing Solutions immediately. Issues with your sewer lines will not go away on their own & they can cause serious damage throughout your home if they aren’t treated.

Clogged Toilets

With more members of the family home on any given day, your home’s toilets are likely experiencing increased usage, especially during the times of the day when the kids would be at school. Because of this extended usage, everyone must be on the same page about what can & can not be flushed & how much amount of toilet paper should be used. 

One of the most typical concerns we see during the summer months is a clogged toilet or drain. Although the more manageable ones can be cleared pretty comfortably by a plunger, the more complex ones require a professional plumber to come in & take care of.

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