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Proficient Plumbing Solutions is a family owned and operated Plumbing Company based out of Dripping Springs, Texas. With over twenty years of experience, we have acquired a vast amount of knowledge and expertise in the plumbing industry allowing us the opportunity to provide exceptional plumbing services to our community.

Not only do we service the “Gateway to the Hill Country”, aka Dripping Springs, but we service the following areas: Bee Caves, Spicewood, Lakeway, Steiner Ranch, Westlake, Southwest Austin, Buda and Kyle as well as the Greater Austin Area.

The Best Plumbing Services in Dripping Springs, TX

If you need a plumber or if you are experiencing a plumbing issue, call us out and we will perform a thorough diagnostic screening. After discovering the issue, we will explain the matter in detail and offer an estimate to proceed with work in a timely, cost-effective manner. 

If you need new equipment, we proudly partner with brands including American Standard, Delta, Kohler, Moen, Grohe, Rheem, Navien and TOTO, and provide a one year limited warranty on both parts and workmanship. After discovering the problem, we will explain the matter in detail & offer an estimate to proceed with work in a timely, cost-effective manner. We offer water Heater repair, Tankless water heater repair, Drain Cleaning, Leak Repair, Slab leak repair and more.

Drain Clogs & Blockages

Sink or tub not draining right? Call us.

Slab Leak Repair

Cracked Slab? We've got the experience to solve those plumbing issues.

New Construction & Remodels

Building a new home or renovating one? Give us a call.

Faucets, Fixtures, & Pipes

We'll help you with all your sinks and showers.

Water Heaters

If you're out of hot water, we can fix regular & tankless water heaters

Emergency Plumbing

We are 24/7 available to serve you.

Our Plumbing Service Philosophy

Our top most priority is to provide the highest level of customer service. We understand that plumbing emergencies give plenty of headaches without dealing with an ornery customer service rep or repairman. We offer a warm voice, a courteous call & a convenient process. Our experts make your emergency a priority for us, registering service as quickly as possible to resolve your problem. Our plumbers are the same way—they treat your home with respect & consideration. We wipe our feet on our mats, we wear shoe covers before entering your home & we’ll offer you a fair assessment of your plumbing situation & how much it will cost to handle it. Our rates are flat-rate & upfront, so you do not have to bother about inflating prices as the job goes on.

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At Proficient Plumbing Solutions, not only do we work with local businesses & homeowners, but we live in the community, too. This area is home & we aim to provide affordable, high-quality service to our fellow community members.

As such, local customers have begun to trust our expert plumbing service. They know that all their plumbing troubles are a thing of the past with a single phone call. We vow to extend this fantastic work for our community. We consistently work hard to better the quality of our services & customer satisfaction!
Plumber in Dripping Springs, 4 Ways To Unclog A Toilet That Won't Drain

Frequently Asked Questions

At Proficient Plumbing, we’re Texas’ favorite plumber due to our rapid, friendly and dependable services. We are available 24/7 for all your plumbing needs; so no matter when something goes wrong with the pipes in your home or office – you can trust us to be there! With hundreds of glowing online reviews from customers, it’s clear that we’re one of the most trusted names in residential & commercial plumbing.

Unblocking your toilet can be a cinch with the help of a plunger. Start by placing it firmly over the drain at the base of your bowl, then push and pull vigorously until you notice the water slowly draining away. Increase intensity if necessary; alternatively, try adding more water to stimulate suction before plunging again. If all else fails, Proficient Plumbing is here to assist – our professionals are on hand 24/7!

At Proficient Plumbing, we provide Texans with an extensive selection of residential and commercial plumbing services. We are Texas’ leading provider of comprehensive solutions for any issue related to water systems – from clearing clogged drains and fixing faulty toilets to testing hot water devices and backflow prevention mechanisms. With our expertise, you can rest assured that your property will receive the best treatment possible!

Tackling a kitchen sink clog caused by fat, oil or grease buildup can be daunting. Start off small with pouring some boiling water down the drain, followed by white vinegar and baking soda – it just may do the trick! If that doesn’t work your way up to investigating if cleaning out the p-trap below will help unclog things. Otherwise a trusty old plunger is often all that stands in between you and free flowing drains once more!

To clear a clog, fill the sink halfway with water and cover the drain using your plunger. Gently push down then pull up to create suction and dislodge whatever is blocking it. In case of stubborn blockage, don’t hesitate to give Proficient Plumbing’s team of experts a call– they’ve got you covered! Just remember not to use one plunger for both bathroom and kitchen drains; always keep them separate.

When looking for a plumber, the price tag isn’t always all that matters. Plumbing projects can become costly very quickly if things don’t go as planned and you end up needing more repairs due to defective work. That’s why Proficient Plumbing emphasizes experience and trustworthiness over cost alone–so that your plumbing project is done right the first time!

To ensure consumer safety and set the standard for working with gas appliances, our government legislation only permits certified gas fitters to service such items as hot water systems and cooktops. The regulation of this process is extremely vital to protect those using these products in their day-to-day lives.

Unlike older models which store water in tanks, instantaneous or continuous flow hot water systems only heat the necessary amount of water as it passes through coiled pipes. This revolutionary method eliminates wasted energy and ensures that you are never without a steady stream of warm to hot H2O!

The risks of gas leaks are significant, as they can lead to explosions or cause people to faint. If you catch a whiff of the odor in your home, it is imperative that you shut off the valves on all appliances immediately. However, if this does not solve the problem; quickly locate and turn off the valve at your property’s front meter before calling an authorized professional for assistance. Time is critical – don’t waste any!

When a water pipe bursts in your house, it’s of utmost importance that you shut off the main water supply immediately to reduce any further damage. Your home’s water meter is normally situated at the front boundary fence or sometimes under either kitchen sinks or laundry tubs in units. After turning off the valve, make sure to contact a licensed plumber right away for an inspection and repair service.

With over two decades of experience in the plumbing industry and a commitment to serving our customers with integrity, we are proud to offer unparalleled services throughout Austin, Dripping Springs, and surrounding areas. Our knowledge and expertise have allowed us to become one of the leading providers of exceptional plumbing solutions for individuals in our community.

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