3 Common Slab Leak Causes, and How To Prevent Them?

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3 Common Slab Leak Causes, and How To Prevent Them?

Slab leaks are a common and costly problem. A slab leak is considered any water that seeps out from under your home’s foundation. Sometimes it can be found coming up through baseboards, down walls, or even bubbling up through carpets in some cases. 

Slabs can develop cracks due to freezing pipes which then thaw and expand, causing the crack to widen over time. Slabs settle unevenly when placed on undisturbed soil for long periods of time. This can leave gaps under slabs where water can pool and eventually find its way into your house.

When it comes to slab leaks, many people are at a loss about what is causing the particular problem. This article will explore some of the most common causes of slab leaks, and how to prevent them from happening in the future.

Top 3 Common Slab Leak Causes

1. Water Heater Leaks

One of the most common causes of slab leaks is a leak where your water heater is located. This can be caused by either a crack in the hot water tank itself or it can be caused by corrosion on the piping that connects the water heater to your home’s main water supply. 

A good way to test for a leaking water heater is simply to turn off all of the hot water taps in your house. If there is a significant change in temperature somewhere in your home, you may have a leak in your water heater.

2. Tap Leaks

Another common problem that leads to slab leaks are leaks from your home’s water supply lines. 

These leaks can be caused by corrosion of the metals in your home, or they can simply be caused by general wear and tear on your plumbing system over time.

3. Toilets

Toilets are also a common cause of slab leaks because they often leak without you even knowing it! To check for a leak by your toilet, simply drop some food coloring into the tank on top of the toilet. 

Come back in about 30 minutes and check to see if there is any coloration in the bowl itself. If you have any color in your bowl, you likely have a leak in your system.

Other Potential Causes Of Slab Leaks

Though the causes listed above are by far the most common problems that lead to slab leaks, it is also possible that your home could have a problem with poor grading around its foundation. 

If water puddles against your home’s foundation and does not drain away from it properly, there is a very good chance that you could end up with a slab leak.

How To Fix Slab Leaks

If you are unfortunate enough to have a slab leak, the best course of action is likely to call in a professional plumber to fix the problem for you. 

You should never attempt to fix this kind of problem on your own because you could end up with a much worse problem than what you started with! 

A professional plumber will have no trouble fixing your slab leak, and they should also be able to tell you how it occurred in the first place. 

This way, if there was a specific cause for the slab leak, you can take the necessary steps to prevent them from occurring again.

Prevention Is The Best Cure

If your slab leak occurred simply because of poor grading around your house, then there is no need to worry too much about prevention other than ensuring that you are properly maintaining your water supply system. 

However, if you have a cause for concern, make sure that you take the necessary steps to have it fixed before you end up with a full-fledged slab leak!

The Bottom Line

Slab leaks can be a huge inconvenience and are often caused by plumbing problems that need an expert plumber in order to repair them. 

The last thing you want is to see a normal slab leak turn into something worse, such as mold or structural damage in the home, which could cost thousands of dollars. If you notice any signs of water around your foundation, call Proficient Plumbing Solutions today at (512) 269-0209! 

We offer free estimates and will help with all aspects of repairing your leaking slab, including locating the source leak, determining what type of pipe needs replacement, removing old pipes if necessary, installing new pipes where needed, and sealing up joints with high-quality sealant compounds. Contact us today!


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