Top 3 Plumbing Problems Found in New Construction

Plumbing Problems, Quality Leak Repair Services for Dripping Springs, TX Residents

Top 3 Plumbing Problems Found in New Construction

Nothing is as exciting as becoming the owner of a beautiful, newly built house. Anyone might assume that owning a new house would mean that you would not have to bother about repairs & maintenance for a while. Everything in the new house was just built, so there should not be any plumbing problems, right?

Unfortunately, this mindset is often wrong. As a result, problems can creep up in new houses and plumbing problems are common. These can be due to improper installations or structural issues, but they must be dealt with quickly because repairs can be expensive and your home’s warranty may not cover repairs.

If you are moving into a new house, reading this blog will be really beneficial for you. Our experts at Proficient Plumbing Solutions have outlined some of the common plumbing problems you may encounter.

Before moving into your new house, be sure to be on the lookout for basic plumbing issues.

1. Clogged Pipes

Plumbing Problems

Clogged pipes can be really troublesome for a number of reasons. They’re usually a sign of developing plumbing problems. Many things could be the cause of your clogged pipes. The environment could be the cause of these clogged pipes. For instance, there could be strong & heavy roots from nearby old trees & bushes that might be growing into your pipes.

A far more difficult & harder-to-fix problem could be linked to the sewers. A poor sewer system made from low-cost, cheap materials could be creating problems for everyone on your block. Sometimes it could simply come down to incorrect installation or failure of home builders.

It is very important to get a careful inspection before you agree to purchase a house. Our well-educated experts at Proficient Plumbing could save you a lot of money in the long run.

2. Leaky Faucets

A leaky faucet can occur in any home, regardless of how recently it was built. A leaky faucet might not look like a huge obstacle at first glance, but when you ignore it for a long period, a leaky faucet could quickly turn into a plumbing emergency.

Just think about how many faucets your home has & then imagine that all of them have some plumbing problems & leak a small amount of water. Those tiny drops of water ultimately add up as time passes. Finally, you could notice your water bill go from being fair to skyrocketing. These expenses can get even more problematic for people that handle apartment buildings & commercial properties. 

Do not overlook even a drip or two from pipes in your property. As soon as you notice leaks, don’t delay in contacting a plumber.

3. Running Toilets

You went to the toilet a few minutes ago, but you can still hear the water flowing. Please do not overlook this problem in recently built homes; it will end up costing a lot of money. Gallons of water can easily be lost every day because of these running toilets.

Running toilet problems are generally caused by a broken flapper valve that carries water from the tank to the bowl. So if you are not sure how to fix it, don’t waste your time, call Proficient Plumbing Solutions and we will help in no time.

Get Help From The Best In The Plumbing Business

Now that you know pretty much everything about these basic plumbing problems that could negatively affect your new house, it is time to take proper actions to fix them. We are here to handle any plumbing problems that might strike your home.

Quickly contact Proficient Plumbing Solutions by filling out this form at or call us at (512) 269-0209. We would be more than happy to help you.


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