How To Keep Your Pipes From Freezing

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How To Keep Your Pipes From Freezing

When the weather starts to get cold, it’s a good idea to take preventative measures to keep your pipes from freezing. While you might go several cold seasons without dealing with a frozen pi reeererererpe issue, a single burst pipe can be enough to cause a lot of problems.

Pipes bursting from freezing can cause significant hassles and can create severe water damage to your property. They can cause mold, ruin your furnace & cause other damages. Burst pipes can also increase your water bill. Along with these increased bills, you also have to repair & replace the pipe and everything else that has been damaged. 

Before the winter season and its chilly nights, you must think about what you need to do to limit or stop your pipes from freezing. 

Here are the measures that you can take to stop your pipes from freezing.

  • Insulate Your Pipes

Similar to walls, pipes can also be insulated. However, you do not necessarily need to insulate each pipe in your house. Insulate the ones that will be exposed to the elements to ensure they are protected from them. 

Copper & steel pipes will be more exposed to cold temperatures than plastic ones as metal is a better conductor of heat. When you insulate the pipes, you might find that this solves condensation issues too.

  • Add Heat Tape

Heat tape is one other option to stop your pipe from freezing. However, this poses a safety risk, so you must read the directions for the heat tape carefully & only utilize them where & how the manufacturer recommends. 

Some tapes are meant only for pipe outside your home & some only for indoor pipes.

  • Increase The Heat 

Particularly if the house is vacant, you must increase the heat during cold winter nights. This heat can help protect the pipes from freezing. It can also protect other features, devices, and surfaces in the house.

  • Drain Outdoor Fixtures

Outdoor fixtures are more likely to burst than those indoors simply because these fixtures are exposed to colder temperatures & are not protected by the structures of the home. 

Therefore, it’s best to disconnect the outside hoses and ensure that the pipes that lead to the outside are off. Although these are inner pipes, they will be cooler than the other indoor pipes as they lead to the house’s exterior.

What If My Pipes Have Frozen?


So what steps should you take to limit additional damage? First, you must call a professional plumber right away to get them to you ASAP. You should then take the next steps:

  • Turn off the water: Turn off the home’s main water valve to stop the water flow or prevent issues when the pipe thaws. 
  • Do not use flame: Yes, thawing the pipes is the next important step, but keep in mind using an open flame in your home is dangerous.
  • Try a hairdryer: You can use a hairdryer to try to thaw the pipes, but don’t stand in water while you work.

If you need guidance preparing your house for the next big freeze, or if you are worried because you are dealing with a frozen pipe issue, then call us. We can help you prevent and minimize the damage to your home & to recover quickly if the worst happens.

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