Here’s What to Check If Your Tankless Water Heater Is Not Working

Tankless Water Heater

Here’s What to Check If Your Tankless Water Heater Is Not Working

If you own a tankless water heater, you already know that they are energy-efficient, have really low maintenance costs, and are durable. However, just like any other electrical appliance, they are not completely resistant to technical problems.

If your home’s tankless water heater is not functioning at its normal standards, here are some things that you should check: 

Tankless water heater

Scenario 1: If There’s No Hot Water!

This is one of the most common problems you can expect with a tankless water heater system. To find out the cause, check on the following:

  • Too many appliances operating at once: If someone is using the dishwasher and washing clothes while you are showering, your water heater is being overworked. Decide which is more important and delay the other activities to get your hot water running again. Once you restart your water heater, it will provide hot water once again.
  • Blockages: Inspect your vents and air intake pipes for blockages. Although most tankless water heaters have warning systems that notify you if you have a blocked exhaust vent or some other problem, you still check on them often to ensure there are no blockages. 
  • Cold pipes: In cold weather, frozen water pipes can also prevent warm water from reaching your appliances and pipes. Naturally, thaw your water pipes and try again for warm water.

Scenario 2: If The Water Runs Hot, Then Cold & Then Hot Again!

When this happens, it usually means that someone showered just before you. The warm water felt, in the beginning, is probably the leftovers from the previous usage, after that, the water gets cold before the water heater starts heating the water once more. Only then will you get hot water in your pipes. 

Scenario 3: If The Water Is Too Hot!

Below are some things to fix if your water is getting too hot.

  • Reset the thermostat to approximately 120° F. 
  • Try to reposition the temperature sensor to receive a more accurate reading.
  • Clear any blockages. Decreased water flow can ultimately cause any heated water to get extra hot.

Scenario 4: If The Water Feels Different!

The water that comes into your home should always be clean and clear. If it smells bad or is discolored, something might be wrong with your tankless water heater. 

The minerals present in water tend to build up in tankless water heater units over time. When there is too much buildup, you get cloudy, brown, yellow, discolored water. Cleaning your tankless water heater with a pre-made de-scaling liquid or regular distilled white vinegar must solve this problem.

It’s best practice to clean your water heater at least after every six months. However, if you know that you have hard water problems in your area, ask our experts at Proficient Plumbing Solutions about options that can help to keep your unit in top condition.

It’s Time To Hand Over Your Water Heater Issues To The Pros!

The experts at Proficient Plumbing Solutions are here to help with any of your water heater issues. Our licensed Texas plumbers can help you with all your tankless water heater needs. Call us to get started.


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