12 Reasons Why You Must Hire A Professional Installer For Installing A Water Heater

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12 Reasons Why You Must Hire A Professional Installer For Installing A Water Heater

Are you considering installing a new water heater? Most people do not think about water heaters unless there is a problem & that’s when they have to make some quick decisions. Changing out your water heater seems simple enough, but there are some essential things to consider, especially when finding the right person for the job.

To help make the process easier, here’s a list of 12 Reasons Why You’ll Want To Use a Professional Installer.

1. Professional Installers Understand The Latest Technology

Professional water heater installers have vast experience in the field. They regularly attend trade association meetings & conferences to learn about the latest developments in their industry. Because of this, they are in an excellent position to advise homeowners on the latest technology & how to benefit from it.

2. Professionals Have Both Experience & Education

Installing a water heater is no easy task. It requires an in-depth understanding of plumbing, tools & system compatibilities. It is not something you can simply pick up on the fly. Professionals dedicate many years to perfecting their abilities & absorbing an enormous amount of knowledge throughout their careers. When they come to your home, they know exactly what should be done.

3. Accurately Diagnose The Problem

Diagnosing any issue you have with your water heater is a must. If you do not know what has gone wrong, then you must call our experts & get the problem fixed as soon as possible. 

4. Find Out If You Need A Trade-In

A licensed & professional installer will tell you whether the time has come for you to upgrade your water heater or not. For instance, your water heater system might be operating according to the manufacturer’s specifications, but your requirements may have changed & you would not be aware of this issue at all. 

5. Eliminate Dangerous Gas Buildup

Most water heaters work by utilizing natural gas. Sometimes, if not appropriately exhausted, carbon monoxide can build up with no visible, external signs of failure until it’s too late. A professional installer will diagnose & settle the problem before it leads to critical, life-threatening side effects. 

6. Professionals Understand How Water Heaters Use Electricity

Electric water heaters totally rely on electricity to supply them with energy to heat water. Professional installers understand that the connections leading to the water boiler need a suitable rating to provide a safe supply of current & to prevent electric shock. 

7. Use The Correct Materials For Additional Parts

Water heater system installation includes the installation of both the unit itself & a host of ancillary equipment. Additional parts cover the electrical feed lines, flexible water connectors & earthquake bracing, etc. Professional water heater installers know which class of materials to use for each installation. 

8. Correctly Install Your Temperature & Pressure Value

The pressure & temperature value is an essential piece of equipment that enables the boiler to release pressure when it gets too high. Failing to fix this critical component accurately can lead to property damage. They also ensure that the valve runs according to the blueprint & discharges pressure when it builds too high.

9. Avoid Botched Installations

Water heaters are intricate pieces of equipment. Installing them correctly, therefore, is a challenge. Professional installers understand all the relevant connections & the importance of evaluating the water heater, just like an earthquake. 

10. Find Out About Your Choices & Options

Professional water heater installers have a wealth of knowledge & experience that can help you decide which particular heater model would benefit your home the most. You will surely get friendly, expert & impartial advice on the complete range of water heaters. 

11. Troubleshoot Tricky Issues

Does your water heater system produce an annoying sound each time you fire it up? Can you listen to persistent rattling while it is switched on? If so, not to worry: a professional installer can identify the cause of annoying noises & get rid of them for good. 

12. Water Heaters Are Safer When Installed By Professionals

Water heaters are potentially dangerous objects. Not only do they contain hot water, but they also interface with gas & electricity supplies, operate under high pressures & produce carbon monoxide. Professional installers are aware of how important proper installation is and & can ensure that they install every boiler safely to protect homeowners. 

If you have already purchased a brand new water heater & you haven’t yet installed it, do not hesitate to get in touch with us here at Proficient Plumbing Solutions. Our professionals have the experience & expertise to ensure the process will be smooth & simple for you.


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