Find Out What Might Be Causing Brown Tap Water In Your Home?

Brown Tap water

Find Out What Might Be Causing Brown Tap Water In Your Home?

Turning on your bathroom pipe and seeing brown water running out is a cause for concern for any homeowner. There are many reasons why you might have brown tap water in your pipes. This post will cover three significant reasons why you might have this issue and what you can do about it.

Brown Water Caused by Rust

If brown water is running out from your tap, it’s possibly an issue in the plumbing system. A sure sign of this is if your water starts running brown in the morning and then gets clearer throughout the day. 

If your plumbing is the cause of brown water in your pipes, the insides of your pipes might be rusting. As water passes through the pipes, the rust gets loosened and flows in the water, which is what you see coming out of your faucets. 

Seeing signs of rust is usually an indication that you need to upgrade your piping system. Once rust is present, it is only a matter of time before the pipes break. Check to make sure that your pipes are not rusting. 

Iron & Magnesium Turning Water Brown

If rust is not your issue, your water may contain too much iron &/or magnesium. This can be identified in many ways:

  • Reddish/brown tint (or sometimes even black) that lasts longer than a day
  • Black or red particles settled in still water
  • Red, orange, or black stains around fixtures, in sinks and tubs
  • Brown, red or black stains on clean laundry
  • Red, orange, or black stains/slime in toilet
  • Metallic taste in drinking water

Get your water tested if you notice any of the signs mentioned above in the water coming from your tap or flowing into your toilet. You can always call your local health department to find recommended testing facilities. The team at Proficient Plumbing Solutions is also ready and able to help you get to the bottom of your brown tap water problems.

Water Heater Causing Brown Water

Another possible cause of brown tap water could be your water heater. If brown water flows when you turn on your water heater, check the anode rod inside the heater. 

Anode rods are common inside tank water heaters. They prevent the parts inside of your tank from corroding. Because water degenerates metal, the water heater needs something to absorb the degrading properties in the water. Anode rods are often made of magnesium and/or iron which corrode faster than other metals. If the rod needs to be replaced and it is not replaced on time, this might result in you seeing brown water when you use your water heater.

As long as you continuously replace the anode rod before the interior walls of your water heater begin to rust, your home’s plumbing system will be fine. However, if you have left it for too long and the tank is rusting, it might be time for a new water heater.

If you suspect a water heater issue, give Proficient Plumbing Solutions a call or email us and we can check your water heater to find the cause of your issue. 

Can Proficient Plumbing Help with Brown Water in Your Home?

The plumbers at Proficient Plumbing Solutions are experienced and skilled in solving plumbing issues that range from brown water flowing from your pipes, to broken pipes, and more. We are able to solve all your plumbing problems. Feel free to call us on 512.269.0209 or email us at with your questions to see how we can help you with your brown water concerns.


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