Will Frozen Pipes Thaw On Their Own? How To Thaw Frozen Pipes?

Frozen Pipes

For property owners or managers in Texas, the risk of frozen pipes significantly increases during cold winter days, particularly when the temperature drops below 28 degrees Fahrenheit. You might have pondered: can frozen pipes thaw naturally?  Here, we provide the answer to that query, along with valuable tips on effectively thawing frozen pipes & preventing […]

How Much Does Drain Clearing Cost In Texas?

Image of a slow-moving drain indicating a potential clog, drain cleaning

Experiencing a slow-moving drain? Dealing with frequent clogs in your shower, toilet, or bathroom sink? It might be a good idea to consider having your drains professionally cleared. Clearing a drain typically comes with an average price tag of $300*. However, the cost can vary significantly in Texas, ranging from as low as $100* to […]

Do I Need A Shower Pan?

If you’re remodeling your bathroom or considering upgrading to a new shower, you may be contemplating the necessity of a shower pan, also known as a shower base. The shower pan serves as the foundation of your shower, facilitating proper water flow & drainage by forming the floor structure. Every shower pan is carefully installed […]


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